This webpage is to help scientists accept the directly verifiable theory of biogenesis, that Life comes from Life, and reject the illusory Darwinian theory of evolution of life from matter. Throughout the 150 years of Darwin’s theory there has never been any direct scientific observation of any major phylogenetic evolution. Despite the consistent lacunae in the geological record, the intricate genetic complexity of even the simplest cells, and rigorous mathematical and philosophical arguments against it, we believe that Darwin’s theory can only have survived for so long because of a stubborn ideological prejudice that serves an atheistic, materialist agenda, or for lack of genuine spiritual knowledge and the process for acquiring it.

We wish to present and develop the Vedantic/Bhagavat conception that life and matter come from life as a scientifically valid explanation of spiritual reality. We hope that in the coming decade the scientific community will enthusiastically accept, participate in and contribute to this endeavor for the benefit of humanity, the environment, and the glory of God.